Galaxy Engraved Petite Ring White Gold
Galaxy Engraved Petite Ring White Gold
Galaxy Engraved Petite Ring Rose Gold
Galaxy Single Diamond Ring Yellow Gold
Galaxy Engraved Diamond Petite Ring Rose Gold
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Galaxy Engraved Petite Ring White Gold

$495.00 inc, GST

Light up like the galaxy and carry the stars with you everyday. This ring is designed to be worn stacked with the diamond Galaxy ring variations and the Galaxy petite versions, however it also stands alone beautifully.

A full circle of engraved starbursts to light your journey through life.

  • Solid 9k white gold
  • Ring width is 1.5mm
  • Handmade in our Sydney studio
  • If you are considering the Galaxy Engraved Petite ring for your wedding band we will custom make it in 14k or 18k gold or platinum, so that it can last a lifetime. Please get in contact with our sales team for a quote in your preferred metal