Product care

Product care

Precious metal and gemstone care information

We recommend that you regularly wipe your fine jewellery with a soft gold polishing cloth or silver polishing cloth after wearing.

Most metal and stone jewellery can be washed gently in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Dry thoroughly after washing with a soft cloth. Please do not wash styles that include Pearl, Turquoise or Coral.

Please avoid wearing your jewellery pieces when gardening, exercising, swimming or doing manual labour with your hands. Precious metals or stones may be scratched, chipped or bent out of shape when force is applied.

Please take care to ensure delicate claw settings are not caught on clothing or loose threads as they can snap which may allow diamonds or gemstones to displace. Micro-pave settings such as the Starlight and Stardust eternity
bands are especially delicate due to the close setting of stones. Please treat these styles with extra care.

Jewellery can also be damaged or become tarnished through contact with chemicals found in many household cleaners, cosmetics, perfumes and hair care products. We recommend removing your jewellery when cleaning the house, showering or putting on makeup.

Precious metal and gemstone care information

Chain care information

Chains are delicate and require special care to avoid damage. Do not pull on the chain as this may cause the links to break. Avoid pulling on any pendants attached to your chain as this may also cause the chain to break. Take care when wearing chains with textured fabrics to avoid snagging the fabric or catching and breaking the chain. We recommend removing chains before sleeping, exercise or swimming to avoid accidental damage. Store chains carefully when not being worn to prevent them becoming tangled. Chains that are tangled in knots will be made weaker and are more likely to break.

We consider the Classic Fine chain, the Charm chain and the Starry night necklaces ultra-fine chains. These extremely beautiful chains are more delicate than our other chain styles, and as such we recommend these styles are treated with even more care during wear. These chains are suitable for adorning with only our lightest pendant styles. We do not recommend these chains for everyday wear.

Chain care information

Pearls and precious bead care information

All Babyanything pearl and precious beads are hand-strung on silk thread in our Sydney studio and finished with solid 9K gold hardware. To keep your pieces in original, pristine condition please remove them before any wet or sweaty activities such as exercising, swimming or showering. Stay au natural and avoid cleaning products, body lotions, hairspray and perfume when wearing your Babyanything pearl and beaded styles.

General Care

Keep all of your Babyanything treasures in a safe, dry place, preferably flat and always out of direct light and away from moisture and extreme heat.

If you have any queries about how to look after your Babyanything piece, please email us at

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