Saint Christopher Surfer Medallion Sterling Silver

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Traditionally the St Christopher pendant is the patron saint of travel. Pictured carrying a child across a dangerous river he became the symbol of safe passage on land and water.

In the 70’s surfer girls and guys were given them to keep them safe on the ocean or hung from dashboards to keep them safe on road trips. In the 70’s Japanese living in Hawaii were making new hybrid versions of the traditional medal and including motifs from ocean mythology.

This one is based on the Hawaiian versions and an antique medallion Lucie found at a flea market in L.A.

It shows Poseidon – God of the Sea and all waters carrying the child to safety and another surfer below riding the crest of a wave.

We hope you all wear these in the ocean, on the river or on your overseas travels and they inspire you to keep riding the wave of life. Safe travels babes.

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