Oracle Ring Yellow Gold

$2,250.00 inc, GST

Let us imagine we are our own oracle.

If there is a big decision to make, use the three stars in this ring.

Observe your head, let the thoughts swirl around, the pros, the cons, the see-saw of what ifs, let your mind take you to all the roads it can imagine as possibilities if you have to, the observe when one scenario or choice becomes lighter than the others and floats to the top with clarity.

Check on your heart, is it feeling content with this floating decision, does it swell with excitement at the possibility of change that will occur with this new idea or decision?

Feel your belly, is it saying I feel content, we are brave enough to do this, I trust you to take our body on a journey with this decision.

Used the three star set diamonds  to guide you back to your north star.

You know the answer already, your intuition is strong enough to lead you on your path, sometimes you just need your North star to help light the way.

  • 3 x brilliant cut FVS star set diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.25ct
  • Solid 9k yellow gold
  • Hand carved
  • Handmade in our Sydney studio