Nirvana Heart Halo Tanzanite & Diamond Necklace Yellow Gold

$3,600.00 inc, GST

Heaven can be a place on earth.
Wear this heart as a reminder that Nirvana is closer than you think, close to your own heart infact.
Embrace the new perspective and fall in love whenever you can.
When you are in love, the sky seems like a more vibrant blue and the sun streams down in beams you swear you have not noticed before .
The world hasn’t changed, you have.
Love gives you heart eyes, everything you witness is through the lens of love.
The handcut natural tanzanite heart was chosen for this piece as it is a symbol of new life and new beginnings.
Diamonds are used as a halo of light above the heart to connect to their ability to bring calm and inner peace to the wearer.
This is a one of a kind piece, carved to fit the unique tanzanite.
  • A necklace version of the Nirvana Tanzanite Heart ring
  • Solid 9k yellow gold with our Dynasty chain link
  • 0.76ct Tanzanite heart surrounded by 0.15ct of round brilliant cut FVS diamonds
  • 45cm in length
  • Features Babyanything heart-shaped logo tag at clasp
  • Handmade in our Sydney studio by our expert team of Babyanything jewellers