Melody Ring Yellow Gold – One of a kind

$3,600.00 inc, GST

Hear the melody of your favourite song and feel it lift your vibrations.

Music is proven to change our emotions, if you find yourself in in a funk then the best medicine is to put on your favourite song and let it guide you out of it.

Big vibe energy bringers have been Lizzo, Beyonce and New Order at the Babyanything studio.

When I made this ring I imagined the stones being set like symbols on Sheet music, the spinel and the diamond perfectly form a ‘dotted half note’ symbol.

Spinel is a stone of revitalization, and it can re-energize all aspects of yourself. It will make you more persistent and determined not to crumble under pressure, and it will make you look forward to the future when this difficult period is over.

The stone facilitates emotional healing by releasing anxiety and lowering stress levels so that you can feel energized enough to work on the things that matter.

Spinel is a stone that holds vibrations of optimism and hopes of a better future.

Use this melody to change your mood.

  • 0.70ct pink spinel
  • 0.13ct diamond
  • Total carat weight of all stones 0.83ct
  • Solid 9k yellow gold
  • Hand carved one of a kind piece
  • Handmade in our Sydney studio