Tropicana Ring Yellow Gold – One of a kind

$3,300.00 inc, GST

The Tropicana evokes the magic and mystique of your favourite trip away.

People either say they lost or found themselves on a holiday.

One of the holidays where you stop, you lounge, you delight in the simple pleasures of warmth on your skin, wind swaying the palms and great company in person or book form.

Those holidays that return you to yourself.

The Spinel gemstone I have used in this ring helps you decompress from the daily onslaught of work life, it can also act as a reminder to make sure you have a holiday on the horizon.

Spinel is a stone of revitalization, and it can re-energize all aspects of yourself. This makes it an excellent stone for workaholics.

Bring the tropical vibes to you everyday and harness the holiday spirit.

  • 0.80ct pink spinel from Tanzania
  • Solid 9k yellow gold
  • Hand carved one of a kind piece
  • Handmade in our Sydney studio