Lady Montague Ring Sapphire & Ruby White Gold

$630.00 inc, GST

The Lady Montague, the protective matriarch and peacekeeper in vain.

 “Thou shalt not stir a foot to seek a foe”.

Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

When two stars collide, they create pure magic. The Lady Montague ring was designed to show that sometimes opposing forces meet in perfect unison.

The Lady Montague is part of the Babyanything Ceremonial collection which encourages you to re-think the idea of a traditional diamond engagement/wedding ring. You have a whole lifetime ahead to grow into a big princess cut diamond, but now while you are young, why not try a whimsical, fine, feminine collection of stones. The Lady Montague sits beautifully stacked with the ‘Juliet’ and ‘Lady Capulet’ rings or solo it holds it’s beauty.

  • Solid 9k white gold with rhodium plating
  • Band 1mm thick
  • 0.035ct natural sapphire and 0.035ct natural ruby
  • 2 white diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.03ct
  • Claw set