Heart Lock Pendant with Diamonds & Rubies Yellow Gold

$1,900.00 inc, GST

“Open your heart to me, babyI hold the lock and you hold the keyOpen your heart to me, darlin’I’ll give you love if you, you turn the key” – Madonna ‘Open your Heart’ 1986

Unlock your true love by embracing all the love the world has for you.

Love yourself, love your family, your friends and the world around you and you will becoming magnetic to others.

Your heart is too beautiful to keep hidden, let that treasure out.

Precision carved and polished heart lock set with 5 diamonds amd 2 rubies or any stones of your choice.

We see this piece being  worn as a symbol of the special people you hold in your heart. For example 5 diamonds could represent the 5 members in your family unit and the rubies could represent the grandparents.

We expertly make these pieces for you so that you have a talisman to wear that carries the meaning of your life’s journey.