Guidance Ring 14k Yellow Gold

$3,750.00 inc, GST

“Let your conscience be your guide”.

You already know the right way to travel, the choice you need to make to live a fulfilled life.

Wear this amulet as a way to connect to that inner voice, to be guided by your virtue.

The all seeing, all knowing, powerful eye is used as a symbol to show us that we will always see through the obstacles, we will see through the darkness to reach the light.

Turquoise remains a stone celebrated for its power to protect the wearer.

Not only does turquoise confer wisdom, it also provides a calming influence. The Native American believed the sea-green stone connected heaven to Earth. In modern times, we recognize these types of stones as grounding.

When we are properly grounded, we make decisions out of a union of emotion, intuition, and reason. In this state of balance and inner harmony, we radiate serenity and tranquility.

  • Solid 14k yellow gold
  • Marquise cut Sleeping Beauty turquoise
  • Half diamond surround with a total carat weight of 0.214ct
  • Add the Dynasty Nesting Band to surround the Guidance ring
  • Handmade in our Sydney studio