Custom Cursive Name Necklace Yellow Gold

$1,580.00$2,880.00 inc, GST

Immortalise your name in solid gold forever, to be passed down and treasured by future family members.

Choose your full or nickname and we will make it especially for you, there will only be one  necklace like it, just like there is only one of you in this world and you deserve to be treasured.

Inspired by our forever muse, Carrie Bradshaw, a woman who valued Vogue magazine over dinner.

  • Solid 9k yellow gold
  • Anchor chain link 41cm in length
  • Features Babyanything heart-shaped logo tag at clasp
  • Length of nameplate depends on the name ordered
  • For names smaller than 3 letters, or larger than 8 letters, please email us for a quote
  • For variable chain lengths please email us for a quote
  • Handmade in Australia

Please provide the name in the notes section of checkout. Your Custom Cursive Necklace will be ready in approximately 6 weeks time.