Auromere Aromatherapy Incense

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JASMINE – Replenishing Balancing to male and female hormones, calming, restores balance and confidence, anti-depressive, soothes headaches and insomnia, promotes feelings of optimism and increases receptivity.

LAVENDER – Balancing Promotes a steadying influence on the psyche, tempering extreme emotional states with a sense of rationality. Counteractive for stress, anger, depression, hypertension, mood swings and insomnia.

PATCHOULI – Stimulating  Strengthens the nerves and stimulates the senses, anti-depressive, helps put problems into perspective, aphrodisiac, regenerative.

ROSE – Spiritual Love Increases love, compassion and devotion, gives a sense of security and spiritual attainment, promotes sleep, reduces anger, gently anti-depressive, calms strife and instills a feeling of peace, happiness and confidence, helpful during menopause and for fluctuating female hormones.

SANDALWOOD – Purifying  Aids spiritual purification and meditation, focuses the mind away from distracting influences, reduces irritability, anxiety and depression.

LILY – Calming Gently sedative and soothing, calms the heart, nerves and emotions. Helpful for irritability, anxiety, and insomnia. Prevents negative dreams, and reduces worries.

  • Pack of 10 Incense sticks
  • Hand rolled in India using pure, premium ingredients allowing for a strong but not sickly sweet scent that lingers long after the incense has burnt out
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Incense is one of the oldest forms of Aromatherapy, the ancient art and science that uses the subtle power of fragrances to re-establish balance and harmony in the many levels of our being. 25% of profits of this product are donated to maintain and develop an Integral school in Iccahpur, Orissa, India.