Incense and Sage Dish Set
Incense and Sage Dish Set
Incense and Sage Dish Set

White Grandfather Sage smudge stick

$15.00 inc, GST

White Grandfather sage is organically grown with much love and joy in the high country of North East Victoria.

The burning of sage leaves release fragrant clouds of smoke sending your prayers toward heaven.

This action brings in the spirit of love and light, cleanses the body, mind, spirit and activates our desire to bring heavenly existence to this Earth Plane.

  • 15cm Smudge stick or organic sage leaves
  • Fits perfectly with our Sage and Incense porcelain dishes
  • Extinguish sage in sand after use to prolong the use of the smudge stick
  • Check product description for instructions on how to cleanse a space with sage




Sage smudging calls on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance, smudging is done by drifting a smudge stick with embers smoking in an anti-clockwise motion to smoke out a space.

Smudging is a traditional technique used to clear the body, energy, and space of negative energies and to awaken the soul.

Follow the example of the ancients, and allow the fragrant smoke from sage and incense to cleanse your living space, relax your body, calm your mind, create a spiritual atmosphere and heighten your awareness.