Twin Flame Lavender Ceylon Sapphire Ring Yellow Gold

$4,000.00 inc, GST

When they tell you, you are twin flames.

When you can’t type your reply to them fast enough.

When they tell you are heaven sent.

When you have the same star signs but in opposing houses.

When you realise you could have met 100 times over already in life but it wasn’t the right time, until now.

This ring reminds us of twin flames captured in solid gold, dancing around each other, always better together.

We used lavender Ceylon Sapphires in this piece as a nod to the calm and contentment feelings you get falling for your twin flame.

  • 2 x Lavender Ceylon Sapphires with a carat weight of 1.60ct
  • Handmade in our Sydney studio
  • Available ready to ship in 9k Yellow Gold
  • The Twin Flame ring can be customised with different sizes or types of stones. Available to order in 14k or 18k yellow, rose and white gold in a full size range. Modifications will be quoted individually. Please contact our sales team for further information


Sapphire is the stone of love, commitment and fidelity.