Talisman Zodiac Medium Medallion Rose Gold
Talisman Zodiac Medium Medallion Rose Gold
Cult Chain Yellow Gold
Babyanything Cool Girl
Yves Lapis and Turquoise Necklace
Babyanything Cool Girl
Babyanything Cool Girl
Crush Chain Yellow Gold
Luna Medallion Sterling Silver

Talisman Zodiac Medium Medallion Rose Gold

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Carry your magic.

The talisman medallion features the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Are you creative like a pisces, loyal like a cancer, or easy going like an Aquarius? What if instead of segregating into starsigns we embrace the fact that we are starbursts of this incredible universe. There is a little bit of all of the elements in every one of us. We all have the capacity to be empathetic, kind, outgoing or introspective.

Use this Zodiac medallion as a talisman to remind you there is always the capacity for change.

If you are stuck in situation in life you do not love, change your stars.

You always hold the power to begin again.