Hearts On Fire 1.05ct Lab created Sapphire Pendant Yellow Gold

$2,050.00 inc, GST

I wanna be with you everywhere”  – Fleetwood Mac
Use this pendant to capture all the love people show for you.
Imagine whenever someone tells you they love you, a portion of that transfers into the gemstone, forever held inside for you to access when you need it.
Go and explore the world and take chances in love and know that you are always supported by the people that love you.
The  pink sapphire was chosen for this piece because pink sapphires are believed to have the ability to attract love and increase romantic energy, and is often used as a talisman for love and affection.
Pink sapphire is thought to have a direct connection to the Heart Chakra directly influencing and balancing our emotional responses to situations.
Wearing pink sapphire will invigorate energies lost after experiencing trauma, anxiety, grief or depression.
Diamonds are used as a halo of light above the heart to connect to their ability to bring calm and inner peace to the wearer.
This pendant is currently sold out, but can be made to order in approximately 6 weeks.