Darling Guiding Eye Ring 14k Yellow Gold

$3,900.00 inc, GST

The Darling Guiding Eye ring is named after matriarch of a family to close to Babyanything.

Dah, has the most beautiful collection of jewellery that she has curated throughout her long life, she has gifted pieces to her granddaughters who are close friends of BA and we were inspired to create an homage collection to one of her rings, the Evil Eye.

It is women like Dah, who personify the ethos of Babyanything, create beautiful, meaningful pieces that last your lifetime and then hand them down to your loved ones for new lifetimes.

“Let your conscience be your guide”.

You already know the right way to travel, the choice you need to make to live a fulfilled life.

Wear this amulet as a way to connect to that inner voice, to be guided by your virtue.

The all seeing, all knowing, powerful eye is used as a symbol to show us that we will always see through the obstacles, we will see through the darkness to reach the light.

  • Solid 14k yellow gold
  • Total carat weight of 0.62ct
  • Handmade in our Sydney studio
  • Add the Dynasty Nesting Band to surround the Darling guiding eye
  • Also pictured on body with the smaller Guide ring