Aura Ring Yellow Gold

$660.00 inc, GST


The metaphysical presence of you that exists outside your body.

Identified as being a colour, your aura is the impression people are left with after you leave a room.

Embrace your Aura as a forcefield of protective vibes.

Repel anyone who might distract your Aura from becoming the most vibrant version of itself.

Wear this ring as a reminder that you are bigger than just the body you are housed in.

Have you ever been drawn to someone and not been able to put your finger onto why? Your Aura was drawn to theirs, for friendships, for relationships, for knowledge or contentment. Your Aura was seeking theirs.

Stack these together or layer them with the Energy ring

  • Solid 9k yellow gold
  • Please email us if your size is not available
  • Also available as a custom order in 9k, 14k, 18k yellow and white gold
  • Handmade¬†in Australia by Babyanything