Babyanything Story

“Baby, I’ll do anything for you”.

Lucie Ferguson is a contemporary jeweller and with her brand Babyanything she is creating future heirlooms imbued with femininity and timeless style.

Each piece is designed by Lucie personally and is inspired by her unique vision for the world; talismans for peace, amulets for protection, objects to remind you to love yourself or to love another, icons that promise better times are on the horizon. Each design encourages the wearer to remember how special they are and to gain strength from the sentiment imbued in each piece.

Lucie completed both a Fine Arts Degree in Jewellery and Object Design from Sydney University and a Certificate in Jewellery Manufacture from Enmore Design Centre. After years of study and many years of industry experience Lucie wanted to set her unique ideas free into the world.

Lucie created Babyanything in 2006 and for many years personally made every single item she sold. Each piece is still handcrafted under Lucie’s careful guidance from precious metals and gemstones. Designs range from solid signet rings with hand engraved insignias to delicate promise rings that sit atop your fingers like spun gold and a signature ceremonial range of rings with diamonds and precious gemstones for all of life’s significant milestones.

The inspiration for every design is the Babyanything Babe; a kaleidoscope of Lucie’s muses. Some are characters in films, lyrics from a song, people she meets on her travels and always – Lucie’s 70’s goddess of a mother.

There was a time when jewellery was given to celebrate landmark events in one’s life; a courtship, a graduation, a marriage, a birth, an anniversary or a death. These pieces were passed down through families to bond relatives long after they had left this earth. We still believe in the power of jewellery to create meaning and mark history in people’s lives. It is Lucie’s intention as a maker to have her pieces become her customers’ heirlooms – she wants you to wear this jewellery for a lifetime, to love it, to layer in your own story and to make it part of what makes you unique.

“Imagine your jewellery is a memory treasure chest. Live your life in our solid gold pieces and know they will hold your stories for you to pass down as heirlooms. Made by our hands for you to wear on yours throughout all your life’s adventures.”