Social Responsibility

Babyanything is built on a foundation where respect and care are part of everything we do at every level.

We, as a business, are honoured to create and work on Gadigal Land, part of the Eora nation.

We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, whose culture and customs have kept this beautiful land sacred.

We pay our respects to the elders, past, present and emerging.

Approach to design

Lucie Ferguson of Babyanything approaches each design with the idea that it will become an heirloom of the future. High quality materials are chosen for their longevity. Designs are timeless, with each item destined for a lifetime of wear. Lucie approaches the new whilst always looking at the past. New designs are added into existing, evolving collections, layering and building, never disposing or throwing away what has come before.

Ethical Sourcing of Materials

We believe jewellery has the power to hold memory and energy and we respect the precious metal and stones from which our pieces are crafted.  We source our materials exclusively from premium local and international suppliers. Our raw metal is sourced from the only company in Australia to be certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council to use 100% Australian Gold and Silver. That means when you purchase Babyanything jewellery, you wear the most ethically sourced and sustainably refined 100% precious metals. 

 All of our diamonds, gemstones and pearls are hand-sourced from our trusted dealers within Australia and overseas.

All diamonds over 50 points are GIA certified. GIA is the world-wide governing body on diamond grading, who created the standard for diamond classification, the four Cs: cut, colour, clarity, carat. All GIA certified stones come with an accompanying certificate outlining individual diamond specifications and correspond to a serial number laser engraved on the diamond. 

We care that all the raw materials that make up our products have come from conflict-free areas. With these materials as our starting point we can ensure we are creating an ethically responsible piece.


The bulk of our manufacturing takes place in our studio in Sydney, where we continue to make everything we possibly can with our own hands. We also have a select few trusted and highly skilled artisans in Australia and around the globe who manufacture our designs. We work within a closed-loop system where we recycle all scrap metal. We create our products in small production runs to ensure we are not over-using resources and creating waste. We are deeply committed to manufacturing sustainably.

With Babyanything Bespoke, we offer clients the opportunity to recycle and reuse their existing heirloom gold or stones into a new custom-made design. The circular nature of fine jewellery and precious stones has always excited Lucie’s mind with the possibility of creating future heirlooms from materials that already hold meaning for the wearer. The ability to repurpose existing jewellery with very low impact and a small amount of new material is in harmony with our sustainable brand practices. In this process we are minimising consumption of precious resources, whilst honouring the history that is a part of these materials.

Repairs and ensuring longevity

Fine jewellery is an investment that lasts a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation. In order to keep Babyanything treasures in mint condition, we offer after-sale care such as polishing, re-plating, and repairs to maintain the integrity of your piece. We can also approach existing heirloom jewellery with an eye to re-design in the Babyanything style so you can continue to wear it.

Caring for your jewellery not only keeps your personal history alive, but is also a fundamental part of a sustainable approach to shopping.

Packaging and extras

Our Babyanything branded ring and necklace boxes are made from cardboard and fabric. Babyanything linen pouches are loomed and stamped by hand. All packaging is intended to be used as protective storage for jewellery when not being worn. This packaging is intended to last for the lifetime of the jewellery they house.

All promotional material such as postcards, gift-vouchers and business cards are all printed in Australia on recycled stock. Babyanything branded paper bags are made from paper and fabric only. Babyanything paper stickers are made from acid-free, FSC certified paper and printed with Soy-based inks. These are sustainably made and compostable.

Online orders may be sent in padded mailer bags made in Australia from recycled paper and stuffing, fully compostable courier bags, or cardboard boxes. Online orders may be packaged in a textured paper-product to prevent damage. This product is a sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable alternative to bubble wrap.
We re-use as much packaging as possible and seal packages with paper tape. Paper tape has been sourced from an FSC certified supplier, supporting healthy forests and protecting wildlife.

All customers are given options to refuse unnecessary packaging in-store and when purchasing online.

All packaging and promotional materials are recyclable or compostable at the end of their useful life.

Fair Work

Babyanything is a female-founded, female-run business, who proudly supports all people in the workplace. The majority of our staff members are female and we actively support our staff members who are working mothers.

Social Responsibility

Babyanything actively supports causes that are close to our heart as a business. In particular we champion charitable organisations that work with women in need and many environmental and animal related causes.

Happy Boxes

Australian Red Cross

Wires Wildlife Rescue

Treading Lightly