Seconds Los Objetos Decorativos Seashell Vase Honey

$35.00 inc, GST

Los Objetos Decorativos Seashell vase in Honey

Unglazed clay with a matte finish outside, glazed on the inside.

Crafted by ceramic artisans in Spain

This piece is the combination of 3D modelling and hand-crafted production

Suitable for a very small floral arrangement or single stem

Approximately 16 cm x 17cm x 6cm (H x W x D)

Care: Rinse in lukewarm water

This vase is considered a second due to an uneven colour on the front of vase

Items designated as seconds have slight imperfections which mean we will not sell them at full price. These flaws may or may not impact the longevity of the piece. These items are sold as is. All archive sale items are final sale. No exchanges or refunds possible.


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