Sample Energy Diamond Earrings 9k Yellow Gold

$350.00 inc, GST

Sample Energy diamond  earrings

Protect your energy, the truest source of you.

Who are you going to give access to your energy?

Choose wisely.

Energy is an exchange, certain people bring up the energy levels of a room and certain people drain it.

Choose people that your energy is drawn too, you will spark off each other and create magical things in this lifetime.

These earrings can act as amulets to remind you to keep choosing what feels right.

Solid 9k yellow gold

2 x 2.6mm round brilliant cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.14ct

This is an original unworn earring sample from our archive. Sample items may differ slightly to current versions for sale in store. All items have been cleaned and are in good condition. All archive sale items are final sale. No exchanges or refunds possible.


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