Care Information

Babyanything fine jewellery is made with care from precious metals such as Sterling Silver and solid Gold and adorned with natural diamonds and gemstones.

These materials are durable but not indestructible and require specific care to ensure their longevity.

Please avoid wearing your jewellery pieces when gardening, exercising or swimming as they may be scratched, chipped or bent out of shape when force is applied.

Also take care to ensure the delicate claw settings are not caught on clothing or loose threads as they can snap which may allow diamonds or gemstones to displace.

Pieces can also be damaged or become tarnished through contact with chemicals found in many household cleaners; cosmetics, perfumes and hair care products.  We recommend removing your jewellery when cleaning the house, showering or putting on makeup.

  • The beautiful nicolewarne wearing her babyanything Starry night diamond necklace
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    2 weeks ago by babyanything Rose quartz magic in the front window of the  #babyanythingboutique  we sell our rough rose quartz in three sizes. Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and healing. According to Greek Mythology, it tells of the stone receiving its colour from the blood Aphrodite spilt in trying to save her dying lover Adonis. Both of the lovers bled over the stone, and its lasting stain is meant to represent eternal love. Though it’s thought of as the stone of love, it’s not just romantic love that rose quartz crystal embodies. The rose quartz stone meaning is one of