This is Edinburgh – Full Editorial


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This is Edinburgh.

An editorial shot in Edinburgh, Scotland highlighting the unisex Sterling silver pieces from our core range.

Inspired by the cult T.V series and feature film, This is England, this shoot makes heroes of the Edinburgh Teddy boys.

They skull whiskey and then party till dawn, but still pull a ladies chair out and have the best manners at dinner.

I was so expired by these lad’s when travelling I needed to capture the crazy time I had in Edinburgh forever on film. These images have inspired me to create new unisex pieces – and inspired me to go back to Scotland!

Creative direction A joint effort between myself and Phoebe Barrett from @phoebefever

Photography  The brilliant Abi Radford @abigail.rad

H & M Phoebe Barrett @phoebefever

Graphic design  Brent Smith @biffybrentano

Models L to R Jack Blackwell @jackblackwell, Niall Lochhead @honourandchivalry, Joseph Radford @____joseph

The boys wear all their own killer threads.

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X Lucie