The Hour of the Wolf

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The Hour of the Wolf.

Sometimes when I’m lying in bed scrolling through my instagram feed in the dark wee hours of the morning the images start to blend into one another, they become one long continuous flow of sameness.

One particular night as this was occurring I received a text message containing a single image.

The image was from the shoot above and the text read… “I hope you are enjoying the ‘Hour of the Wolf”.

The message was from Phoebe Fever (the inspiration behind the Babyanything FEVER rings) and a long time creative collaborator of mine. The image was from a new shoot she had dreamt up based on ‘the hour of the wolf’ which is a loose translation of a French saying about a particular hour in the night where all your demons confront you and you’re too irrational to comprehend the situation.

It made me stop and stare and started a cyclone of inspiration whirling in my head, suddenly I had designed fistfulls of rings for Harmony’s werewolf like character to wear.

That’s the power of a great shoot. They are supposed to inspire others. I have shared this piece of editorial magic in the hopes it inspires me as I have a long night ahead in the studio making pieces well past the Hour of the wolf.

x Lucie x

Shoot Credits:
Photographer Mikey Andersson @mikeyandersson
Model Harmony Rose @harm__z @priscillasmodels
Stylist Candy Power @buckley_the_label
H&MU + creative direction Phoebe Fever @phoebefever