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co0914p000_cov_r1_247_20140804_090839 @P@ 1  COSMOPOLITAN  September 2014   173 COOL STUFF YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED Lifestylist I grew up in this house on the NSW Central Coast and then moved to Sydney for the first few years of my career. In the city I was paying rent on a studio and an apartment, so I was always broke. Moving back home to Terrigal has allowed me to put all that money back into  the business, which gave me the freedom to do my Ceremonial Collection. It’s funny, I made all my friends move to Sydney, and then I was like, ‘Gotta go back now!’ But the space I have here is incredible. The light, the size, the colours, and being close to the ocean – it’s all very comfortable and inspiring.  >Life is bright (and full of skulls) at Baby Anything jeweller and all-round cool girl Lucie Ferguson’s beach house and studio Come hang at my place COMPILED BY  ALEXANDRA WHITING.  STYLING  BY ALEXIS  TEASDALE.  PHOTOGRAPHY BY  PAUL SUESSE/ BAUER COS_ 1409_ 1_ 6716_ 3.0_   17316/07/2014   9:41:18 PM @P@ 1  174 to subscribe call 136 116 The house is like a jewel box with  emerald greens, ruby reds and all the  colours in the hallway. But once you’re  living in it you don’t realise. That’s the  freedom that comes with having large  open spaces – colour doesn’t feel quite  as overwhelming. My bedroom is bright  blue, and I don’t even notice.  I really like pieces with soul. My   sister [ They All Hate Us blogger Elle  Ferguson] and I both have beds that were brought over from Java. They are ceremonial beds made specifically for a couple’s wedding night. Mum got them for our 16th birthdays with the help of one of our high-school teachers, who was working there at the time.We always pick up things on our travels, but I love the markets. Mum has been going to the Byron Arts and Industry Estate for thirty years and  it’s still amazing. We just got a bunch of rugs from there. Otherwise I look  for stuff on eBay and in the newspaper. Terrigal is a small town, so people still have great stuff in their garage sales.Last year I whitewashed the floorboards and painted the whole interior of the house. I had a The Block  compiled by  alexandra whiting.  styling  by alexis  teasdale.  photography by  paul suesse/ bauer COS_ 1409_ 2_ 6716_ 3.0_   17416/07/2014   9:41:23 PM @P@ 1  COSMOPOLITAN  September 2014   175 lifestylist STEAL HER STYLE  To check out homeware inspired by Lucie’s place, download the free viewa app and scan this page. “The whole house has French d oor s, so every room opens on t o somet hi ng else. The nat ural light and openness is quit e a Balinese thing.”“Always s top at garage sales or small antique stores i f you're driving  somewhere new. We're like gypsies. We pick t hings up and make it work." “We have so many religiou s icons in the house, but we're no t religious. We're jus t like,'Whatever goes.'" moment and had to sleep in the kitchen  because everywhere else was a mess. But  it turned out so well. I swear if I wasn’t  a jeweller I’d be a carpenter. Living in an  old house means you have to know how  to fix things. I have an appreciation for  the handmade from that, which goes  back into my jewellery.”  >COMPILED  BY ALEXANDRA  WHITING.  STYLING BY  ALEXIS TEASDALE.  PHOTOGRAPHY  BY PAUL  SUESSE/BAUER COS_ 1409_ 3_ 6716_ 3.0_   17516/07/2014   9:41:34 PM