My love is your love

“The greatest thing in life is to love and be loved in return”.

Nat King Cole via the Gold of all things, – ( in the world of Babyanything, anyway)- Baz Lurhmann.

I try to live life by this mantra. In my experience, life has been a dichotomy, showing me the most nuturing, loving, blissful childhood and adolescence, I was practically wrapped up in a blanket of love. This love gave me courage to get through the hard times and the memory of that love is the greatest quality I carry today.

I would like to share the love with all of you. Some of you have been on this journey with me since the very beginning. Babyanything was born out of love.

I was making jewellery from my walking wardrobe and needed a name for my new venture, every other fine jeweller I knew used their own names as their business label, but I was too romantic and creative for that. Instead my boyfriend at the time, a successful musician suggested ‘Babyanything’, he was a talented wordsmith and explained it like “Baby, I’ll do anything for you…”. ¬†That was it. The name was perfect, a declaration of love to the world.

We started as a tiny blogspot with 50 followers, then migrated to a self managed web store and travelling market stall.

In 2016 I took the gamble of a lifetime and opened a pop-up store at ‘The Intersection’, in Paddington, then with your support behind me, leased a permanent space there, on Oxford Street, in view of the whole of Sydney.

This journey of mine would not have happened without your love, you love the brand, you love the pieces and both myself and my staff feel the love when you visit the store and tell us how long you have been following the brand or how much you adore your Juliet, Capulet or Fine Heart rings.

One of my favourite parts of being a jeweller is sharing the love, since opening the Babyanything Boutique we have had the pleasure of making many custom engagement and wedding rings and helping with some incredible proposals. Having had my own surprise engagement in 2015, I can tell you there is no better feeling than someone asking you, with so much love, to be their partner in life.

I look forward to sharing my journey with yo, bit by bit and sharing the love. I have included a sneak peek at my wedding photos above, they will be published in a magazine out in March and I will be doing regular blog posts to share my favourite parts of the day. Below are some highlights in the journey that has been Babyanything so far…enjoy.

Lucie x

A special thank you to Avoca Beachside Markets and Fixx Events for giving me my first stall, Katie for being my first ever employee, Elle for being my side kick, my beautiful mum Kim for being my whole heart and my forever inspiration, Rory for drawing my wild ideas for the store and project managing from afar and laying floors and concrete and Gyprock walls with me and Greg, lovely Greg for laying the floors with me all night and making all of our beautiful American Oak furniture, Sally for helping us get the store, beautiful Meg for coming on the journey as our Sales Manager and Erin for your production skills and our newest recruit Alana for your bubbly Babyanything-babe-ness.
Lucie x
Wedding Photos by Lara Hotz Photography.