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A spirit or source who inspires an artist.

The Babyanything girl is a paradox. She can be the sweet blonde swaying at a Fleetwood Mac concert or the brunette going steady with the baddest boy in town.


Juliet Capulet – The Child Bride

Lux Lisbon – Hopeless Teenage Dreamer

Penny Lane – Leader of the Band Aids

Kim Ferguson – Mother/ Miss Australia/ 70’s Beach goddess

Mother Nature – For your Tides, Moonbeams, Starlight, Hidden gems and Thunder Bolts of Lightening


This editorial accompanies the Babyanything MUSE lookbook. It was shot in March in Byron Bay with the the dreamiest of teams. All of the stars aligned to allow me to shoot my ultimate muse Hanalei in my second home of Byron Bay.

I had a picture of Hanalei pinned to my noticeboard in the studio for the last couple of years and I used to look to it frequently for inspiration, she was sitting cross-legged under the ocean with tropical fish encircling her and that incredible Darryl Hannah hair swirling in the current. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would get to shoot her for my campaign and then call her a friend.

Something out there in the universe thought we should meet and it worked out that Hanalei would be in Australia and in Byron Bay at exactly the time we would be shooting.

It was a relaxed vibe on the shoot and we all knew we were making magic, I had worked with Mikey Andersson before so he was a breeze to shot with and Ashlea and I became fast friends throughout the day. My beautiful sister and mother were on set with us, as was Hanalei’s beautiful mama Raph so it was one big goddess fest!

My boyfriend was in town for the Surfing Pro on the Gold Coast and he popped into Rae’s to check out the shoot but the female energy en masse was a bit too much so he quickly went and washed it away in the cool waters of Wategos beach.

We spent the morning shooting at Rae’s, my mum was retelling stories of travelling rockstars that had stayed there in the 70’s/ 80’s, her cousin owned the Piggery at Byron Bay when it was the premier music venue in the 80’s and saw some massive international artists rock the stage so she had some great stories. We got carried away with the David Bromley artworks and custom surfboard and the clam shell sink in the bathroom and wrapped for a lunchtime swim and siesta.

The afternoon was spend shooting the second half at a secluded beach inside one of the many national parks in Byron. We all scrambled down the tiny rock track with all the gear, racks of obscenely expensive wedding dresses balanced with beautiful crochet bikinis and a plethora of Flower Crowns.

It was effortless, my half moon goddess Hanalei celebrated the end of the shoot by jumping into a naturally formed plunge pool, like the authentic mermaid she is.

My Babyanything Muses were brought to life.


Model – Hanalei Reponty

Photographer – Mikey Andersson

Art Direction and Styling – Lucie and Elle Ferguson

H & M – Ashlea Penfold

Shot on location at Raes on Wategos.

Flower crowns Mi Violeta.