It’s cool to be cool… Babyanything on PopSugar

BA-26 BA-15Hey beauties!

I am very excited to say Babyanything has been included in the article on, ‘Cool Australian Jewellery Designers You Need to Know About’.

We have a strong league of Jewellery Designers and manufacturers like myself in this country and it is nice to have the light shone on Australia.

When I went to L.A recently I was delighted to see the diverse offering of Jewellery brands in almost every fashion boutique we ventured into. There were cabinets full of fine jewellery from both well known and upcoming jewellery designers and jewellers. What was most exciting to me was the variety of pieces available to the customer and the way the stores showcased a small offering from many brands rather than just one case full of one brand.

As a jeweller I recognise and appreciate other original jewellery designs available in the market, I wish Australian stores would be able to increase the offering and diversity of brands available in stores so customers could have a collection of fine jewellery pieces from different makers, sometimes another brands ring will fit perfectly with a Babyanything piece and I celebrate that.

I was really excited to see this article as at least it has begun to highlight the talent we are producing in this beautiful country… please have a read HERE xxx